Winter Weather Causing Solid Waste Service Interruptions: Here’s What You Need to Know

SPU SERVICE UPDATES (last updated 12/26/21, 10:19 AM)

  • SPU transfer stations are closed today (12/26/21) due to unsafe road conditions.

Winter weather is in the forecast for the upcoming days and that means the Seattle area may experience some delays in service. 

If we experience interrupted collection services due to winter weather, here are a few pointers to keep in mind: 

  • Stay up to date with delays and rescheduled collections with the Recycle It app, through our twitter and right here on the blog. 
  • When in doubt, set out your carts and leave them out throughout the following day. 
  • If your carts have not been collected by the end of that following day, bring them in and set them out on your next scheduled collection day. 
  • If your carts have not been collected from the previous week due to winter weather, you can set out double the amount on your next pickup day for no additional charge. 

In the event of inclement weather, City emergency planners urge residents to be prepared. Find helpful tips on preparing for winter weather, preventing freezing pipes (along with what to do if pipes burst), and more at our blog. For up-to-date information pertaining to impacts in the City of Seattle, please sign up for alerts at Alert.Seattle.Gov

Article Source: News from City of Seattle