Waterland Pinball Tourney

Waterland’s weekly 3-strikes head-to-head tournament starts at 8pm, with sign-ups beginning at 7:30pm.

Note that on the first Saturday of the month, we hold a double matchplay tournament at 7pm instead of this weekly event. On the third Saturday of the month, we hold a Pin-Golf tournament at 2pm. Otherwise, we hold this weekly three strikes tournament at 8pm.

The buy-in is $5 per player. Individual games cost between 25 cents and $1 per play with most games costing 75 cents per play.

Waterland adds $25 cash to the pot!

All entry fees + $25 are paid out in prizes to the top three finishers! Plus, 4th place is paid $5 if at least 6 players show up.

All players are guaranteed at least 3 games. After losing for the third time, a player is knocked out of the tournament. The last remaining player wins.

These tournaments are not IFPA-sanctioned.

The current Waterland pinball line-up is show here.

Article Source: Seattle Southside