These arts & culture picks will amuse, lift, link, and ground you this weekend

On Fridays, we take a break from the news for just a bit and talk about what’s happening in the arts and culture world. This week, KUOW’s Kim Malcolm talked to Seattle Times reporter Jerald Pierce.

Mrs. Caliban at Book-It Repertory Theatre

This is an adaptation of Rachel Ingalls’ 1982 novel. It’s about a woman in a pretty standard, bland marriage you might see in a sitcom from the 60s or 70s until she has this love affair with a frog-like creature from the sea. It’s absolutely hilarious.

They have the frog-like creature, who likes to go by Larry, wearing all green and green face paint. What’s great about this is, as much fantasy as it is, at the heart of it is this really touching story of a woman finding herself and finding happiness and contentment without outsiders.

Two new installations at the Henry Art Gallery

Donna Huanca: MAGMA SLIT is this massive installation that takes up one of the large galleries at the Henry. It includes a center stage that has 15 tons of landscaped white sand. It’s this multi-sensory experience that you can honestly get a little lost in.

ektor garcia: matéria prima has these delicate linked chain sculptures made out of ceramic, copper, and glass. It almost feels like if you bump one, it could all come crashing down. It’s so delicate, but also has the strength of looking like a thick chain that could be indestructible, but from this delicate material.

The Spitfire Grill at Taproot Theatre Company

It’s about a woman who moves to a small town in Wisconsin after she leaves prison. She just tries to find her place in that small society. It’s this really folksy kind of Midwestern music. If anyone’s familiar with the musical Floyd Collins, it has that same kind of twang to it.

It’s really grounded around Sarah Garcia who plays Percy, who moves to this town, who has an incredible voice and is just an absolute powerhouse throughout the entire musical. She really carries both the emotion and the musicality of it throughout.

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Article Source: KUOW