Surprise, Seattle! After record-breaking temperatures, more wet and cold weather is on the way

Big surprise, Seattle. It’s going stay cold and wet through next week at least, and given the time of the year, possibly through spring.

Sounds grim, but our rainy season is just beginning.

Seattle on Tuesday saw the coldest day in more than 125 years of records during the first two weeks of October, according to the National Weather Service.

On Wednesday, record-breaking weather continued, with Seattle recording its coldest high temperature for Oct. 13 at 52 degrees.

Ordinarily, this is the time of year that Carly Kovacik, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle, is able to get in some outdoor excursions.

But she hasn’t done a lot of hiking so far this year, she said.

And while it’s normal to see an active jet stream in the Pacific Northwest in fall, it’s a “a little more active than normal for October,” she said.


The next system, coming in Friday, is expected to bring some moderate to heavy rain and winds in Jefferson and Snohomish counties, the San Juan Islands and British Columbia. The Seattle area, however, could see only light rain or remain dry through the first half of the weekend, Kovacik said.

Sunday will probably be a pretty wet day for everyone, she said.

On Monday and Tuesday, Puget Sound residents will get a short, dry period before the next wet-weather system arrives: “It’s pretty much going to be wet and cold,” she said.

Article Source: The Seattle Times