Slog PM: You Wanna Know What’s Really Spooky? Young People Aren’t Voting! Also: Great News, Teens! Soon You Can Also Get Bullied in the Metaverse!

The ages of whos voted in King County, as of this afternoon.

The ages of who’s voted in King County, as of this afternoon. The right column is the 65+ crowd. The left column is people 18-24. King County

Get your damn ballots in if you want to avoid heart problems on Tuesday evening. Home-owner precincts are currently outvoting the shit out of renter precincts, according to King County’s election dashboard.

Heres how it breaks down by precinct.

Here’s how it breaks down by precinct. Yes, we know, the screenshot looks like crap. Check out the dashboard here. King County

Let’s zoom in.


At least Magnolia has voted.

At least the people with waterfront property have voted.

TONIGHT: We’ve got another debate between mayoral candidates Lorena González and Bruce Harrell. This one’s supposed to be about public health and safety, although the last one was supposed to be about business and the economy and ended up being about crime, Lorena González not defunding the police by 50%, more crime, and how much money you can take from Republicans before you yourself turn into a Republican. Tune in below at 7 PM:

Listen to Pramila, Joe: According to President Biden, Democrats have agreed on what he calls a “historic” deal to bolster the country’s decayed social safety net, HOWEVER, many are displeased with the sections that have been cut (such as paid family leave, thanks to shitty obstructionists Manchin and Sinema), and the progressive wing (led by Seattle’s Rep. Pramila Jayapal) is threatening to torpedo the infrastructure bill until they see the Build Back Better plan in writing.

Facebook who? If you head to 1 Hacker Way, you won’t find a sign for Facebook. Someone’s replaced it with an infinity symbol. That’s the new logo for “Meta,” which is what Facebook is calling Facebook now. Here’s the Associated Press:

Facebook Inc. is now called Meta Platforms Inc., or Meta for short, to reflect what CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday is its commitment to developing the new surround-yourself technology known as the “ metaverse.” But the social network itself will still be called Facebook.


Facebook the app is not changing its name. Nor are Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. The company’s corporate structure also won’t change. But on Dec. 1, its stock will start trading under a new ticker symbol, MVRS.

And here’s Zuckerberg announcing the change: I can’t look into his eyes for too long. It feels like staring at Medusa.

I miss MySpace.

As Rocketman Bezos surely knows, unfortunately, what goes up, must come down: Amazon’s third-quarter earnings missed “nearly every metric,” reports Barron’s, and CEO Andy Jassey told shareholders to buckle-up for a bumpy fourth quarter: “We expect to incur several billion dollars of additional costs in our Consumer business as we manage through labor supply shortages, increased wage costs, global supply chain issues, and increased freight and shipping costs—all while doing whatever it takes to minimize the impact on customers and selling partners this holiday season.” Break out your tiny violins.

Washington state just launched a new digital tool to show you’re vaxxed: It’s called WA Verify, and the state hopes it’ll be better than the glitchy MyIR and MyIR Mobile tools.

Despite that Portland Police has done little to correct their history of systemic racism and violent behavior toward peaceful demonstrators, Portland’s mayor will propose pumping $400,000 into rehiring officers that left the force in a huff.

The salad chain “Sweetgreen” is moving into the empty spot on 11th & Pine: Not the empty spot where The Stranger‘s old office is, but the empty spot across the street. Sweetgreen has also reportedly lied about being profitable for years. It sounds like they’ll make a great neighbor to WeWork, which is down the block.

The most unsurprising headline you’ll read today: “Oil giants deny spreading disinformation on climate change.” The good news? Congressional Democrats ate their asses (and not in a nice way!! in a mean way!!) in a meeting today when the execs tried to spread that shit.

This stunt from Rep. Katie Porter is what the kids call a serve:

Remember the seniors who picketed their apartment complex following a $100 rent increase for what allegedly amounted to shitty living conditions? Councilmember Kshama Sawant, never one to miss an opportunity to dunk on landlords, served a letter to SouthEast Effective Development (SEED) and COAST Property Management Wednesday morning. The tenants of Rainier Court in South Seattle, many of whom are people of color, demand a stop to rent increases and alleged discrimination, as well as more timely responses to maintenance concerns. They also want management to allow them to install affordable internet hookups in their units. Sawant told the complex’s owners and managers that she expects “you to meet all their demands in full without any delay.” It’s typed in bold, so you know she means business.

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Here’s a press conference with bad sound quality:

A criminal sexual misconduct charge of forcible touching has been filed against former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who resigned after multiple sexual harassment complaints.

Did you make it through the atmospheric river today? We’re picking up over an inch of rain! I went on a walk this afternoon and didn’t get too wet, thanks to a special tech device called an


umbrella. Bumbershoot if you’re nasty.

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