Slog PM: Prosecutors Charge Kirkland Student for Gun Threats, SCOTUS to Get Extra Security, June Might Not Have an 80° Day

Stranger reporter Will Casey on a potential Uvalde copycat stopped in Kirkland: According to charging documents from the King County Prosecutor’s office, students at a Kirkland-area high school reported a classmate’s Instagram story to law enforcement due to fears that he was preparing to commit a mass shooting. The student now faces two counts of Felony Harassment after confirming in direct messages to several classmates that they would “end up like those kids in Uvalde” if they continued engaging in what he considered bullying behavior. His classmates considered the threat credible after the student sent some of them pictures of a shotgun and claimed his father owned a gun he would use. Take this disturbing story as your periodic reminder to securely store your firearms, and check out this resource from Moms Demand Action if you’re looking for guidance on how to talk to your kids about gun safety.

Get ready to have your whole world rocked by this revelation. Are you holding onto your seat? Are you ready? Maybe head’s not ready? But we need to get on with it. So, here you go: “A King County Auditor’s Office report… states that white officers used force twice as often as Black or Asian officers and that both Black and Hispanic people were subjected to uses of force more often than white people.” Mind blown, or what? 

Seattle’s Redfin has put a bunch of its jobs on the cutting block because the housing market is not as hot as it used to be. What goes up must come down. “Like other real estate companies,” writes Seattle Times business reporter Heidi Groover, “the online listing site and real estate brokerage saw an explosion in demand as the housing market took off in 2020. Now, fewer people are buying homes and mortgage rates are on the rise.” 

June 2022, ignore the haters. This is very fine weather, and thank you for keeping the 80°-day away so far. And how I love the temperature and clouds today. They seem to be making a promise to me. They are saying that summer may not even happen this year. Fall is after all not that far away. No salty sweat, dead grass, roasting sun. As you say these things to me in this tantalizing way today, you must keep in mind that my earlobes are shamelessly erogenous. 

The person who hit, killed, and ran away from a 66-year-old cyclist in Yakima was driving a GMC Denali HD (heavy duty) pickup truck. Do you know what that monster looks like?  

The construction of a pedestrian bridge connecting the waterfront to Pike Place Market will begin in the week we are in, which is cool and cloudy. The bridge, according to MyNorthwest, “will feature sweeping views of Elliott Bay, public plazas, informal spaces for people to rest and a new elevator.” Fine. Fine. Fine. But what about the cars in Pike Place Market? They are still there, right? When will the City show them the exit? Call me when that happens.

Today in endless capitalism: “Here’s what it might be like to travel on a double decker airplane seat.” Alejandro Núñez Vicente is 21. His concept is apparently being taken seriously. Is he tomorrow’s Elon Musk?

Can someone tell Joe Biden that no one gives two duck fucks about deficits. No one on the right. No in the imaginary middle. No one on the left. Only these daydreaming mainstream Dems are stuck in this world that exists for no one else. Also, it is really awful that Republicans use deficits to line the pockets of the rich, but the poor get nothing out of mainstream Dems’ mania for deficit reduction.

The GOP is going to get its extra protections for its stacked, woman-hating, business-loving Supreme Court. Only 27 Dems voted against the bogus Supreme Court Police Parity Act, which does nothing but increase the stature of a fallen/corrupt American institution. Rep. Pramila Jayapal was one of the 27 Dems who saw this bill as rotten to the core. Good for her. 

If you are white, and a man, and a writer, and in the middle years, and feel victimized, please read this:

Sorry Happy, the Asian elephant. You are not a person. You are just a machine that happens to be made of meat. This is exactly what New York’s highest court decided. With this ruling, only more and more time will be added to the 40 years you’ve already spent at the Bronx Zoo

Let’s end PM with a new track by Tacoma-based rock band Enumclaw, “Jimmy Neutron.”

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