Slog PM: Kids Won’t Need a COVID Shot for School, Bob Ferguson Is the Father We Needed When We Vaped at 14, and Capitol Hill M2M (H Mart) Will Open Friday

by Hannah Krieg

Kids should play chess. Not vape.

Kids should play chess. Not vape. PHOTO COURTESY BOB FERGUSON

Are you sitting down? Because this is life-changing. H Mart (actually M2M, which is like a travel-sized H Mart, I guess; they call it their “urban convenience format”) will open Friday. As an H Mart Stan, I have followed JSeattle’s reporting on Capitol Hill Seattle Blawg as he keeps an ear to the ground on when we can conveniently buy soju next to the light rail station. This feels a little “end of history.” How could life get any better?

Shots, shots, shots-shots-shots-shots EVERYBODY: Email me if you read that in the correct rhythm. I want to know if I did a good job. Anyway. Today, the Washington Board of Health voted against adding COVID-19 vaccines to the list of vaccines kids have to get to go to public school. Interesting choice since a vaccine is our best tool to stopping the spread of a deadly virus that has totally uprooted our lives for the past two years, but pop off. Still state Secretary of Health Dr. Umair A. Shah said this decision “does not take away from the fact that our department continues to remain committed to its work to encourage the public to get vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Seattle, Sweep Capital of the PNW: Hey, Mayor Harrell. What the fuck? The city will sweep a long-standing encampment in Ballard on Friday. The mutual aid group that serves this encampment is currently scrambling to find residents a place to go with just two-days warning from the city. If this pisses you off, maybe click their link, help them out, or call CM Dan Strauss and bug him about it.

Brrrrrr: This morning, Seattle hit 32 degrees, making it the coldest it has been in April for 14 years. For all you weather nerds, KOMO has more info.

How many light rail stations does West Seattle really need? In a recent meeting Sound Transit floated the idea of cutting one of the three light rail stations planned for West Seattle to cut down costs. Sound Transit had charts and everything. You can find out more here, from the West Seattle Blog.

Interesting: Would you look at that, King County launched a new safety plan for its downtown Seattle campus. Just recently, the City Council heard a “presentation” on a possible land transfer that would give the county City Hall Park and complete their civic campus. While I reported that the reasoning for this has been inconsistent and kind weird, at one point the idea was that the county needed to do something to keep its employees safe from violence some blamed on the people that once lived in City Hall Park. Now they have this safety plan, but as Councilmember Joe McDermott told me, the county can’t just address crime on one block and expect that to keep everyone safe.

Vape god bows done to Bob Ferguson: Raise your hand if you felt personally victimized by Juul as a teenager. All of us under 25? Okay, cool. Well, Attorney General Bob Ferguson defends all of us who were blowing Ohs before we could legally drive. Today, Ferguson announced that Juul will pay $22.5 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the state, alleging that the company tried to get teens hooked on cotton candy flavored vape pods.

Show me the money: The Legislature recently passed a law that requires employers to show the position’s salary in a job listing. We’ve mentioned this before, but I thought you might like this piece from Crosscut.

Uteruses of Idaho: Hello, do you live in a state that somewhat resembles a frying pan? Do you need a shmabortion? Here’s what you need to know.

The most unhinged shit I have ever seen: Texas Governor Greg Abbott made good on a promise to launch a human trafficking scheme to bring undocumented immigrants to Washington D.C. to show the President the “mess he’s made at the border.” Maybe show him the kids in cages? Or the forced sterilization? Or the actual problem because it’s not people coming into this country.

Found him! Cops arrested the man who shot up a Brooklyn subway station and wounded 10 riders.

But the cops had help: So NYPD had all hands on deck looking for this guy and you know who actually finds him? Some dude named Zack. Defund the police. Give all the money to Zack. Are you kidding me???

“Officer-involved shooting:” Okay, it’s near the end of the Slog. The faint of heart stopped reading like four blurbs up and now it’s just me and friends of the blog. So tell me, what the fuck is this? I read a piece from KING5 about an “officer-involved shooting” and that stupid, passive phrase made it completely incomprehensible. Like I can’t even tell you what happened. Did the cop shoot this suicidial person or not? Please stop doing this shit.

Jas was right: In Slog AM, Jas said to keep an eye out for an extension on the mask mandate in traveling. Here it is!

Sticker Patrol but tragic: Fuck the wars.

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