SLOG PM: Jay Inslee Might Be Getting His Machiavelli On, Kyle Rittenhouse Should Not Be In Court Because He Is a Boy, Bees Are Nothing Like Ice Cream

Boy, this will help you grow a pair.

“Boy, this will help you grow a pair.” Charles Mudede

Gov. Jay Inslee has picked a moderate Dem, Sen. Steve Hobbs, who represents Lake Stevens in Snohomish County, and who is also, more importantly, the top dog of the Senate Transportation Committee, to replace Kim Wyman, a Republican Biden absorbed into his administration. My Northwest stated that “Hobbs will become the first Democrat to hold the office of Secretary of State in Washington in almost six decades.” Because a lot of Republicans hoped Inslee would keep the office in their party, it’s unlikely he will to get an kind of love from that side of politics for his so-so choice. To a Republican, a Dem is a Dem. A moderate Republican is also a Dem—meaning, also an America-hating socialist. Nothing less than 100% will appease this tribe


But a tweet by Jim Brunner of the Seattle Times sees through the fog of this decision Machiavelli designs on Inslee’s part: “With this appointment, Inslee also removes a moderate Democratic state senator who had clashed with him on environmental policies, notably the clean-fuels standard.” Not implausible. Inslee did, after all, make the announcement from “Glasgow, Scotland, where he was attending the United Nations’ climate change conference.”

Rich Smith on the pick: “Inslee did not, however, highlight the fact that the appointment removes Hobbs from his role as chair of the transportation committee, where he routinely blocked the Governor’s climate proposals and tirelessly advocated for expanding the Highway 2 trestle despite evidence that expanding the trestle wouldn’t ease traffic concerns.”

RINO Kim Wyman gives her Dem replacement two thumbs up:

Worst headline of the day was reposted by Seattle Times: “I scream. You scream. Bees scream, too.” Sorry, it just doesn’t work logically or rhythmically. Someone in the office that cooked this up (the New York Times) should have said so. Journalism just keeps dying.

People not in Kitsap County want to know why they “received an emergency tornado alert on Tuesday.” These people gotta know, you know what I’m saying? You tell me a tornado is coming my way, and I’m freaking the fuck out because we got enough natural shit to worry about as it is. There’s the earthquake, all of those volcanoes, and this winter flooding. Isn’t that enough? No, not for you, National Weather Service. You had to add tornadoes to the things that keep me up at night.

The fall in COVID cases in the US seems to have reached a bottom that is, sadly, not low enough. The fall needed to go down more, but instead it flattened at 74,000 cases per day. This pandemic is not over folks. “The ERs are packed,” according to NBC. And, because this winter is only going to get colder, we can expect yet another wave of those sickened or killed by COVID. Read my piece about the pigeon.

This is exactly what happens when you cut liberal arts funding in schools. You can see it for yourself. Kids can’t act no more.

By the way, the boy’s lawyers are asking for a mistrial because the chief prosecutor asked the boy some hard questions. Also, I honestly believe this case should not be in court or in public. I still believe children are children, and adults are adults. Rittenhouse is very much a boy.

What I see is a man and a boy:

And yet another white boy is in hot soup. This one is just 16, but he lives in a society that put him into a monster pickup truck. How can you really blame the boy for “hitting 6 bicyclists with his truck” under these absurd conditions? He is now charged “with multiple felony counts“.

Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy

The super-lame Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa, even more of a scoundrel than his predecessor, Robert Mugabe, should no longer be called The Crocodile, but instead The Weasel. He recently claimed he had a Big Man meeting with none other than Joe Biden during the UN climate change summit in Glasgow. None of it was true. Zimbabweans are now laughing at him.

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What’s this in Bloomberg? “Republicans Blast Food Inflation, Blame Biden #ThanksgivingTax”. I know most Americans received what the old school rapper Melle Mel honestly called a “bum education“, but please try to understand this: The only response to inflation you can expect from Republicans is a dramatic repression of wages. That is the only tool they have right now because the other one, raising interest rates, is not feasible at this point, a point dominated by cheap borrowing. Both wage repression and dear money attack workers to solve inflation.

In the immortal words of Montell Jordan: This is how we do it.

Let’s close with this popping remix of Maverick Sabre’s “Slow Down”, which features a world-weary Jorja Smith.


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