Slog PM: GOP Predictably Says No on Voting Rights, FDA Says Let’s Get This Party Started With a Vaccine Mix, Seattle Warned That the Real Rain Is Finally Coming

Mixing J&J with that dope Moderna shit.

FDA OKs booster shots for some who got Moderna and all over 18 who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccines: If you’re over 65, or if you’re 18 and “at high risk of severe COVID-19, or if you have frequent institutional or occupational exposure to SARS-CoV-2,” then you can get the half-dose Moderna booster. The agency also says you mix things up if you want. For real. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and now you got a brand new rap. The CDC will now check the FDA’s math and make their own recommendations.


If you are not vaccinated, then expect to catch COVID-19 every 16 months.

All of the noise is about unvaccinated this, and unvaccinated that: But guess what? COVID is not hearing any of it. It doesn’t care about your lawsuits, or your religious beliefs, or your boots, which, by the way, are too ugly to be knockin’. MyNorthwest reports: “Madrona K-8 will be switching to remote learning through the end of the month, over a COVID outbreak that has nearly a quarter of the school’s students quarantined.”

Seattle Times got to, you know, Seattle Times. That paper can only outdo itself. In the words of Joan Armatrading, the original Tracy Chapman, it’s all about feeling that “me, myself, I“. Seattle Times, Seattle Times, Seattle Times:

🎶My features form with a change in the weather. We can, we can work it out: 🎶

Not long after the clock struck three this morning, a driver on Aurora Avenue North saw something flying through the air. It almost immediately hit the ground and, upon inspection, turned out to be a pedestrian whose life would not leave the scene. The car that hit the person, however, did. Hit-and-runs are shockingly common and often go unsolved. But running from a hit makes perfect sense to a driver. It’s at this moment a mental conception shaped by the dominant car ideology cracks open, and the massive responsibility and risks involved in the ownership of a massive and heavy machine become too apparent. Your society diminished these considerable disadvantages/risks because they might have made you switch to the safety of transit or bikes or long walks on autumn days like today. Petal to the metal. Va, va, zooom.

Speaking of cars: The world’s cheapest EV, China’s Electrek, is about to enter the US’s auto market. It costs $900 (though that price is likely to be higher because of those much-talked about supply chain issues), and runs “20 miles on a charge and does roughly 25 mph“. It is a car built for an environment that will dominate the future, the city. The same can’t be said about Ford’s F-150 Lightning.

Autonomous cars made by Amazon’s Zoox will soon appear in Seattle because its streets are “hilly, rain-drenched“. These conditions will give Zoox’s software the challenges it needs for performance improvements. As for pedestrians? “Send me forget-me-nots, and help me to remember”.

This cannot be true: “Tacoma and Bellevue named in 2021’s Best Cities for Vampires”. Vampires, by their very nature, like big cities.

Who is going to Condoleezza Rice? Condoleezza Rice, of course. This is what she said on The View today: Americans have other, more important things to talk about rather than this Jan 6 coup attempt business.

Do not be surprised by the Rice: The right in the US — be they on the center or far from the center — share one goal, which is to gain and maintain power without the ballot box. Today, Senate Republicans blocked the “Freedom to Vote Act,” which would have made democratic participation much easier for American citizens. It’s that and nothing more. And the bill is going nowhere because white rural voters are vastly over-represented in the political system.

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And so economists and commentators are dumbfounded by the fact that “2.9% of the entire U.S. workforce quit their jobs in August”. This new social situation even has a name: “The Great Resignation”. The economists trained by the neoclassical school have no clue why the “rational actors” of their textbooks would be so irrational in reality.

Is this series about to come to an end? CNN: “Suspected human remains, items belonging to Brian Laundrie found in Florida park, FBI says”. Did he “murdur durdur”.

Let’s spend a few moments of the only time we have in a universe that might be a blur, that might be a blip, that might be an eternity, that might not even be there at all but as a hologram, to look and be pleased by the constant that is the speed of light:


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