Slog PM: Free Masks Coming “Soon” to a Pharmacy Near You, Bus Goes Down With Collapsed Bridge, Your Darkest Thoughts Are Being “Shared” and Then Sold for Profit

Still waiting on these free masks.

Still waiting on these free masks. NARUECHA JENTHAISONG/GETTY

As Jas wrote on Wednesday, free N95 masks at pharmacies and community centers were supposed to come this week. Now they’re coming “in the coming days,” KING 5 reports, thanks to Biden’s press secretary feeling bad about mocking the reporter who floated the idea. I guess his administration has one more day to fulfill his promise. Find the full list of free mask distributors on the CDC’s website.

Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell is married to a white nationalist: This story from The Inlander begins: “To begin with, she used the N-word.” Haskell’s defense is that he is not his wife, and that he has not “had even a single case brought to my attention wherein the prosecutorial motive was shown to be other than conduct that is proscribed by law.” I invite Haskell to read up on a little thing called The System.

KOMO Radio is now KNWN: Those who preface arguments with the number of generations their family has lived in Seattle may be upset about this news. Seattle Times has the story.

Pinball/Arcade bar going up soon next to Sole Repair on 10th Ave: Capitol Hill Seattle blawg reports that “early plans called for a full bar and a selection of the best, most exotic ramen and noodle cups from around the world.”

75-year-old Lynnwood woman convicted of embezzling $300,000 over the course of seven years: Judith Wright got six months for writing “120 fraudulent checks to herself and disguising the payments in company books as if they were made to legitimate vendors,” KIRO 7 reports. She apparently spent the money at Nordstrom, the home shopping network, and Costco. Shoulda given Judy that raise when she asked.

Had this nightmare maybe 50-100 times: So far, no deaths and only four hospital visits reported after a city bus dropped into a ravine following a bridge collapse in Pittsburg. Rescuers formed “a human chain” to reach people trapped on the bridge, which fell 150 feet down to the ground, the Associated Press reports.

I haven’t watched this show, but a judge lopped a year off Tiger King Joe Exotic’s 22-year sentence “on a murder-for-hire charge,” according to the Associated Press. “Please don’t make me die in prison waiting for a chance to be free,” he said. Mr. Exotic is in treatment for cancer.

Everyone I’ve ever met has said I look like someone they know: Most of the time it’s some guy named Dustin. Dustin, show yourself.

Northeast coast prepares for massive snowstorm this weekend: CNN says “a bomb cyclone with the power of a hurricane” is headed right for Massachusetts and Rhode Island Saturday morning. Boston could see two feet of snow. New York, New Jersey and Virginia declared states of emergency, the New York Times reports.

More insurrection subpoenas: The committee investigating the attack on democratic rule would like to have a word with “14 individuals who cast bogus electoral votes for the former president in seven states won by Joe Biden in 2020,” according to the Washington Post. The committee thinks Trump may have cited those actions to “justify delaying or blocking the certification of the election during the Joint Session of Congress on January 6th, 2021,” and they want to know if maybe any of those people got a call from the Trump campaign before turning in the fraudulent certificates.

Ukraine wants us to chill with the whole Russian invasion narrative: Ukraine’s economy suffers when the Pentagon and their hawkish friends in the media beat the Russia war drum, so President Volodymyr Zelensky would like us to stop doing that. The BBC has Zelensky saying “the ‘destabilisation of the situation inside the country’ was the biggest threat to Ukraine.”

Mask up, Ottawa: Al Jazeera reports on “a convoy of anti-vaccine Canadian truckers” headed straight for the country’s capital. The caravan of right-wing nutjobs formed after Canada and the US imposed vaccine mandates on truckers who cross the border. These are the dunces perpetuating the pandemic, and all the death and suffering and annoyances it causes.

This is why data privacy is important, people: A popular suicide hotlines scoops up data from people “in their darkest moments” and then “shares” that data with a for-profit company it basically owns, who then uses it to “create and market customer service software,” Politico reports. Though the company says the data is “anonymized,” some “anonymized datasets have shown that it can sometimes be easy to trace the records back to specific individuals, citing past examples involving health records, genetics data and even passengers in New York City taxis.”

As I wrote earlier this week, lawmakers in Olympia are still split on protecting Washingtonians from this kind of stuff. The major difference: The Senate wants to shield giant tech companies from potential lawsuits. The House doesn’t.

I like the new FKA Twigs: Have a nice weekend.

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