Slog PM: FDA Plans to Authorize Pfizer Booster for Adults, Flooding in Western Washington, a Historic Armadillo Pup at Point Defiance Zoo

Squirt squirt motherfuckers, time to get stabbed again.

Squirt squirt motherfuckers, time to get stabbed again. GETTY POOL

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Jury deliberations begin in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial: After a day of deliberations, no verdict has been reached on whether Rittenhouse was “the instigator in a night of bloodshed in Kenosha or a concerned citizen who came under attack while trying to protect property,” at the AP put it. Judge Bruce Schroeder allowed Rittenhouse to draw the slips to determine which 12 jurors would sit on the final panel, an extremely unusual move. Another bizarre act from a bizarre judge.

The longest lunar eclipse of the century is going down on Friday: Unfortunately, Seattle might not get a glimpse of it, thanks to a weather system that might obscure clear vision of the night sky, reports Seattle P.I. Fingers crossed we get to see this eclipse—which will start around 11:18 pm, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 1:02 am—for ourselves!

Crosscut is eliminating its op-ed section: In an internal memo, Xcut’s exec editor M. David Lee III said the section will be replaced by “a new process of engaging community voices,” reports PubliCola. MMmmmm, very Seattle-sounding indeed. With the section’s elimination, PubliCola observes, Seattle is left “with one less source of editorial views to counter the Seattle Times’ generally conservative opinion and editorial pages.” Disheartening.

While we’ve got some respite from the rain here in Seattle: Other areas of Western Washington have not been so lucky. According to KING 5, the rainfall in our region caused the area around the Skagit River to flood to near-record levels, though Mount Vernon managed to make it out relatively unscathed. But that’s not the case in Whatcom County, where one man is still missing after getting swept away by the floodwaters and more than 500 residents have been displaced by the flooded Nooksack River, reports the Bellingham Herald.

COVID cases in the United States are rising again: And happy holidays to you, too! In more than half of the country, infections are up by about 14% compared to one week ago, says NPR. That’s thanks to more outbreaks in the Midwest and Northeast as some hospitals in the mountain West are still dealing with “crisis levels of patients.” However, this surge isn’t as likely to bring the level of death and illness we saw last year as more Americans (not enough, I might add) have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Meanwhile: It’s looking more and more likely the Food and Drug Administration will authorize Pfizer booster shots for all vaccinated adults as soon as this week.

And in other Pfizer news: The pharmaceutical behemoth will allow 95 low- and middle-income companies to produce a generic version of its experimental antiviral COVID-19 pill under the name Paxlovid, reports Reuters. The company claims that this pill can cut the hospitalization and death in at-risk COVID patients by 89%. Still, advocates criticized the move, saying that the deal excluded countries such as Argentina and China, which both have “established capacity for producing generic drugs.”

I got to see House of Gucci today: My review will come next week, but I was surprised to see Jack Huston in the film as Domenico De Sole, Gucci’s former president and CEO. I remember really enjoying Huston as Richard Harrow, the quiet assassin missing half his face in Boardwalk Empire. He hasn’t been in too many things since, and he plays a rather subdued character in Gucci, but I wish Huston was in more stuff. Why doesn’t Hollywood nepotism work for actors I really like!??!

Stabbing at a Northgate gas station: According to police, a man knifed a gas station clerk “after the clerk told him he wasn’t allowed inside without a face covering,” reports the Seattle Times. The victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center, and authorities are still searching for the suspect.

The all-man band f.k.a. Girl Band changes its name to Gilla Band. In a statement, they apologized for “choosing a misgendered name in the first place,” reports Pitchfork. Glad they had a good long think about it.

God, I am so looking forward to all the goodies that are coming to Capitol Hill’s light rail station: First an H Mart, then a renovated Glo’s, and now another coffeehouse. According to CHS Blawg, Seasmith will take up residence on the intersection of Broadway and E Barbara Bailey Way, meaning you can immediately grab a coffee as you exit the light rail instead of having to cross the street to Starbucks or Kitanda. Here for this coffee saturation.

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The House will vote tomorrow on censuring Rep. Paul Gosar and stripping him of one committee over a video the GOP (duh) Congressman posted to Twitter and Instagram featuring a photoshopped anime video appearing “to kill Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and attacking President Joe Biden,” reports CNN. I literally can’t make this shit up, lol. If the House passes the resolution to censure Gosar, it’ll be the first time since Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel, who was censured back in 2010 for “multiple ethics violations.”

OH MY FUCKING GOD: Click here if you want pictures of the first armadillo pup born at Point Defiance Zoo. Congrats to her first-time parents, Vesper and Scooter!

For your listening pleasure: BAMBII’s “NITEVISION (feat. Pamputtae).”


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