Slog PM: Dick’s is Coming Back, Mike Pence Might Run For President, and State Workers Get their First Juneteenth Off

Mike Kreidler, it’s time to stop: Washington State leaders, including the big man himself, Gov. Jay Inslee, called on Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler to resign after half a dozen people came forward accusing Kreidler of rude behavior and using racist language between 2017 and 2022. The one employee who filed a complaint got canned, just in case you weren’t convinced.

In the words of State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski, in a joint statement with Vice Chair David Green: “It is now abundantly clear: He has learned nothing. To fire a whistleblower — someone who had the courage to step forward in the first place — is not only unacceptable and unethical, but directly goes against the Democratic values of our party.” 

DICK’S! DICK’S! DICK’S! After six months without cheap burgers readily available in Capitol Hill, Dick’s on Broadway will reopen and just in time for pride. Now that’s allyship. 

New alt-weekly just dropped: Please welcome the Tacoma Almanac into our beautiful, dying tradition. Stranger alum Kathleen Tarrant said the new project is  “a place for Tacoma to celebrate Tacoma.” Beautiful. I am excited.

Also, Jas said this is major, so it must be major:

Speaking of Jas and things that are “major”: Party startup Sapphic Seattle made its big, gay sold-out nightclub debut at Supernova in March. The parties fill the city’s desperate need for spaces where queer people who aren’t cis gay guys can dance around in cute outfits. Here’s the story.

BLM protester hit by car sues: Diaz Love has filed a lawsuit against the state, the city and the driver who struck them, causing them a traumatic brain injury and killing another protestor. The driver, who was able to get around the state and city’s failed attempts to keep protests safe, already pleaded guilty, posted bail, and is being monitored electronically. Love and the other victim’s family filed claims for damages, but Love’s claims have not been resolved. 

ICYMI: Real Change reminded us that the cops can get into your phone. They can and will use this against you. 

Happy Juneteenth! Here are some ways to celebrate Juneteenth in its first year as a paid state holiday

We live in a failed state: Yesterday, a shooter killed two people and injured another at a small church meeting near Birmingham, Alabama. The shooting occurred on the eve of the anniversary of the massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Gun violence seems like an everyday tragedy in America. In case the problem isn’t clear, people have been killed by shootings at a Taiwanese church service in Southern California, a Texas elementary school, and in a Buffalo supermarket—this month alone.

Who’s running in 2024? It could be Mike Pence! Seems like a weird move after the Trumpies plotted to murder you, but pop off. And who knows, Orange Man himself might give it another go

We have other elections to worry about: We have plenty of time to freak out over the presidential election. Let’s zoom in and focus on Washington State. The Stranger Election Control Board is in the process of conducting endorsement interviews. Ballard-ites, this one’s for you.

Road closed: Good news if you’re avoiding your father who lives in Bellevue. 

Speaking of father’s day: Personally, I don’t think you should be able to celebrate father’s day unless you’ve been nominated by five people, but y’all have fun. Here’s an uncomfortable listen to prep for this weekend. 

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