Slog PM: City Attorney Candidate Ann Davison Is the Extremist, Woodland Park Zoo’s Red Panda Has Gone to Heaven, Call This Number if You Spot a Lost Container

The moderate.

The moderate. DAWNDRA BUDD

What we need to understand is that, in the realm of Seattle politics, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, the former public defender running for City Attorney, is actually the moderate. Her opponent, Ann Davidson, on the other hand, is the extremist, and the reason why this might be hard for some to initially see is that we’ve normalized a law system that’s been run by extremists for far too long.


But, as Seattle Times notes, Thomas-Kennedy is endorsed by the city’s real moderates:

[T]he King County Democrats and seven legislative district Democratic Party groups, plus the Democratic Socialists of America’s Seattle chapter, Planned Parenthood and The Stranger.

She’s also supported by the MLK Labor Council; the Teamsters; and unions representing carpenters, painters, health care workers and custodial workers.

First, it was 40 containers. Now, it’s 106 containers that fell into a storm-agitated ocean from a merchant ship, Zim Kingston, that had Busan, Korea as its departing point and Vancouver, BC, the most beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest, as its destination. The thinking among experts is that most (if not all) of these drifting containers will end up on an island that has had its fair share of the horrors of globalization, Vancouver Island. But if you chance to come across a container during a stroll, or spot one while watering your plants and enjoying a cigarette, there is a number you call to get the state and professionals involved.

While others refuse not to pussyfoot around this fact, I will stomp it like it is: Boeing will continue to suck for as long as its headquarters are away from workers and high wages. Enough of this sorry business of always shifting the blame on some externality (the pandemic, stiff competition, “supply chain constraints”). Seattle Times: “Boeing resumed losing money last quarter, its losses caused both by the continued impact of the pandemic-driven downturn in air travel and by self-inflicted wounds such as the 787 manufacturing mess.”

Goodnight, Yukiko. You were really old for a red panda, it was time, life is short. I hope you did not mistake the Woodland Park Zoo for the whole world.

Seahawks are finished. Throw in the towel. This season is a goner. Fair-weather fans are sure getting the hell out of here. But look what’s happening right over there. The Kraken seem to be happening: “Kraken rout: Seattle topples Montreal 5-1 for first home win”.

The only thing one should ever do with these machines. Ban gas-powered lawn culture, promote the lawn orgasmatron.

In case you have not heard, depriving the working classes of the extra little government cheese in unemployment checks hasn’t sent them rushing back to the job market, the wet dream of so many bosses around the nation and here in Seattle. Workers are still doing their own thing. Businesses still need more hands. The impact of this pandemic is far from over.

That’s not all. Check this out:

An analysis of state-by-state data by The Associated Press found that workforces in the 25 states that maintained the $300 payment actually grew slightly more from May through September, according to data released Friday, than they did in the 25 states that cut off the payment early, most of them in June. The $300-a-week federal check, on top of regular state jobless aid, meant that many of the unemployed received more in benefits than they earned at their old jobs.

Proof, once again, that orthodox economists, the priests of the owners of capital, are getting it all wrong.

You ask what line from a classic boom-bap rap song appeared in my head when I read this Forbes headline: “Why Millennials and Gen-Z Are Leading the Great Resignation Trend”? Why, yes, exactly, Fu-Schnickens’ “F.U., cause we ain’t got nuttin to prove.” The article itself, however, is disappointing. It attributes the surge in quitting to the fact that Millennials and Gen Zs hop around jobs a lot more than previous generations.

I do not think this Dave Halls chap, Rust‘s assistant director, and the one now blamed for not checking the safety of a gun that killed the film’s cinematographer and injured its director, will find work in Hollywood again. It’s so much easier to kick his butt than that of Alec Baldwin. Always remember the words of Mel Brooks: “It’s good to be the king”.

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