Slog AM: Biden’s New COVID Plan, Seattle Students Stage Protest, and Less Than a Week to Go on the Recall Vote

Biden announces plans to give the virus a very stern talking-to

Biden announces plans to give the virus a very stern talking-to Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images Staff

Biden will announce a new COVID plan today. On the agenda: “Hundreds” of vaccination sites, reimbursing people for at-home tests, negative test requirements for travelers to the US. He will also “call on” employers to provide paid time off for booster shots. That ought to do it.


Seattle students want more action on sexual assault. Over a hundred Seattle students protested outside a school board meeting last night, demanding better policies to deal with sexual assault. They described being forced to attend class with abusers, a lack of access to counseling, and sex education that addresses consent.

ICYMI: Rail transit is coming for you, suburbs. The Lynnwood Link extension has reached its halfway point, hooray! The rail stations will be surrounded by parking garages, booooo. To their credit, the city is at least trying to become more livable. For a visualization of just how doomed the suburbs are if they don’t end their apartment bans, take a look at this map of how the east side has created the conditions for a disastrous housing shortage:

Like it or not, the metaverse is taking shape. A new update for Quest VR headsets adds an interesting “mixed reality” mode. When you’re in VR, other people around you will be able to see the virtual stuff that you’re seeing by pointing a cellphone at you — kind of like making yourself into a Pokemon Go creature. You can read some of what all this means in this fun NY Times article full of predictions about “metaverse real estate,” all of which are virtually guaranteed to be proven hilariously wrong, lol remember Geocities?

Bring the kids. One of the few bright spots in the last election was the victory of Toshiko Hasegawa in her run for Port of Seattle. Here’s a short story about one experience she had as she prepares to take her seat, including a call for an on-site child care program at the Port.

Is he … you know … sibilant? Here’s a fascinating account of how TV and radio news trains gay reporters to seem less gay. Reminds me of how, years ago, when I filed my first story for a radio program, an engineer asked me to re-record it because I was hitting my “esses” too hard. I knew exactly what he meant.

Hey have you voted yet, etc etc etc. You can’t walk around District 3 right now without a tent of well-meaning volunteers shouting at you about voting in the racist right-wing recall election. If you’d like to stop avoiding eye contact with these clipboard-toters and instead join them, you can show up for a canvassing event this Sunday, the 5th, at Judkins Park.

Here’s Colbert going after Dr. Oz. A snake-oil celebrity with a history of pushing bogus miracle cures, Doctor-for-Now Mehmet Oz is running for Senate. Skip ahead to 8 minutes:

Some local history that has not been featured on Vanishing Seattle: You owe it to yourself to read this fascinating deep dive into Seattle’s history of flying Confederate flags and hosting meetings of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

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Watch out for critters. With snow falling at higher elevations around the state, you might catch a glimpse of some of these furry friends:

Actually, all the critters are in Chicago right now. Midwest FurFest kicks off today, in case you were wondering why Seattle seems unusually empty at the moment. The theme is “intergalactic.” Have fun, furries! Make sure you check the toppings on any pizzas.

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