Seattle art picks: A new cult film and 10 high caliber drag shows

Strawberry Mansion at The Grand Illusion

This film is set in this near version of the future where your dreams are taxed and have product placement. It follows a dream auditor who is assigned to go through the memories and dreams of an 80-year-old woman who has avoided getting taxed for years. There are a lot of interesting textures and set pieces. It’s being hailed as a future cult classic.

Two new shows at The Frye Art Museum

LA-based painter Christina Quarles does beautiful renderings of bodies in different shapes and positions. She uses garish colors like neon green, and this weird flesh-toned pink to create limbs that are positioned every which way.

Christopher Paul Jordan and Arnaldo James have a joint exhibition called In the Interim: Ritual Ground for a Future Black Archive. There are paintings and photographic elements to it, but there’s a sound booth in the middle where visitors of African descent are invited to record their prophecies and visions of the future. Those files will then be encrypted into another file. The key to this encrypted file will be buried in a time capsule on the Frye grounds to be opened in 100 years.

10s Across the Board drag competition at queer/bar

This is really unique in the sense that there will be 10 Queens, 10 weeks, no eliminations, no judge panels, and no themes. For 10 weeks, 10 of the best queens in the city get to do a runway and a performance. At the end of every show, people will vote on their favorites. After 10 weeks, whoever has the most votes walks away with the grand prize of $7,500. Definitely bring your ones and have a good time this Sunday.

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Article Source: KUOW