Rant & Rave: Halloween is next week. Seattleites are already setting up Christmas decorations

RANT to stores that have out-of-season items stocked weeks in advance. Do we need to have Christmas supplies on store racks in September right next to the Halloween candy? Or have back-to-school sales in June? 

RAVE to the gentleman who reached out a hand to help my dad remain steady on his feet as he navigated the bleachers at a high school sporting event. My father said he saw you ready and waiting to help as he made his way up the bleacher stairs. As he stumbled a bit, you quickly reacted. My dad didn’t get a chance to thank you and wishes he did. He was there to watch his grandchild at a game and was thankful a stranger like you made it possible. 

RANT to all the garbage/litter I see along highways, offramps, onramps, streets, parking lots, etc. I recently traveled to Ohio and drove on all the above roads and saw little if any garbage/litter. Washington has lost the battle on this. Lived here for 42 years and never believed this would happen.

RAVE to letters addressed to “or current resident.” It’s so ludicrously impersonal it makes me smile all the way to the recycling bin.

RANT to all these out-of-state imports who refuse to change their license plates to Washington. You wonder about the Seattle Freeze? Well, that is one reason. If it is such a badge of honor to drive around town with your out-of-state plates on, move back to where you came from.


RAVE to the many Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation volunteers who cleaned kennels, assembled beds, washed windows and weeded the dog walk pathway at the shelter as part of their “pawsitive projects” work party. Many wags of the tail for your work this day and every day on behalf of the animals.

RANT to carmakers and owners who use the horn to signify that the car is locked. In a residential neighborhood, honking is startling, upsetting and entirely unnecessary!

RAVE to Sarah at the dog park at Magnuson Park the other day. I’m not very competent at throwing my dog’s flying toy, and sure enough, it went over the fence. Sarah came up as she saw me attempting to scale the fence and offered her help. She was up, over and back so quickly with my dog’s toy. I am so very grateful for her kindness and willingness to help. Thank you, Sarah!

RANT to those who keep ranting about taking down campaign signs. In most cases, these people are still in runoff elections. This happens every year when people rant about it without realizing that even though the primary was held months ago, those candidates are still running for office. Maybe read the rest of the paper?

RAVE to creative neighbors who use bird-friendly outdoor decorations for Halloween and the rest of the holiday seasons. The fake webbing can ensnare birds and other small critters, so avoid it!

Article Source: The Seattle Times