Rant & Rave: Canine social hour is a blast for dogs but a nuisance to this Seattle condo owner

RANT to the folks who gather at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day to allow their dogs to romp and run without leashes as they socialize in a circle of eight to 10 people at Madison Park North Beach. This is NOT an off-leash park; it has swings, intended as a playground. It is great for the dogs and probably the social life of the owners, but the bordering condo buildings do not appreciate the barking serenade in the early morning.

RAVE to the kind gentleman who stopped to help my distraught 18-year-old daughter when her car ran out of gas somewhere along Ambaum Boulevard in Burien. You drove to a gas station and brought her back enough gas to drive to a gas station. My daughter did not get your name but she told me you “seemed like a dad.” Thank you for your kindness. I hope you see this.  

RANT to the person who pretended to be a food delivery driver at 2:30 a.m., then, once out of view from the street, put on gloves and sneaked around the side of my house to look for ways to enter. It’s a convincing disguise but ruthless nonetheless.

RAVE to the nice couple (and my son) who assisted me at the Houghton Park & Ride after Saturday’s Husky game. I guess, when you get older, sitting outside in the cold is not a great idea. You were right. I had hypothermia and spent the night in the hospital. Thank you again. I will never forget your kindness, assistance and advice.

RANT to those “superheroes” heating and plumbing TV ads that run multiple times per hour. They run so frequently that they have become irritating. There is no escaping them as they run on multiple channels. Please save your company some money and cut back on the number of ads you run.

RAVE to King County Metro. I had to take three buses the other night to get to my home in Bitter Lake from my job in Hawthorne Hills. It was dark, cold and wet. The first bus (62) came in five minutes; the second (45) pulled up right after the 62 let me off; and the E, going up Aurora Avenue, came in seven minutes. Hurray for Metro!

RANT to the person who hijacked someone’s lost ring sign at a North Seattle beach park. Can the rightful owner please post a new sign with a picture of the ring? I would like to return it to you. 

RAVE to serendipity (a happy accident). While walking home from a store stop, I dropped my wallet in the street. As I crossed a road during the frantic and mistaken return to the store, I ran past an angel, looking down at something small and brown. After 10 more steps, I said, “That could be my wallet!” So I ran back. It WAS my wallet; my angel was looking for a way to find and call me, and I got my wallet back!

Article Source: The Seattle Times