Program: Lee Otis, E8 Angels, “Angel Investing in CleanTech,” November 17, 2022

Lee Otis - portrait (full).jpg

For over 25 yrs, Lee has been committed to the conservation of our planet and invested in solutions that help protect it and advocate for its care. Lee is an environmental scientist, sustainable and clean-energy consultant. As a former US EPA scientist, and geographic information systems (GIS) consultant, she has combined her scientific and digital technology experiences to make investments in clean technology startups.

Since being elected as Co-Chair of E8, she has helped create more diversity on the E8 board and increased E8’s membership.

She has five children ranging in ages 19-27; three are currently in college (UW, WSU, and Purdue). Two have graduated.  Both are professionals working as consultants (in energy and sustainability in the PNW and helping build sustainable housing for the homeless in the Bay Area).

Lee has degrees in Geology/Anthropology and a Masters in Science in Environmental Management from the University of San Francisco.

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