Pacific Ocean breeze brings ‘natural air conditioning’ to Seattle area

All of us who had a little trouble sleeping in the hot, still air during this recent heat wave can collectively thank the Pacific Ocean for the blast of natural air conditioning that came overnight.

Thank you, Pacific Ocean!

That cool marine air means Tuesday’s high temperature will be around 23 degrees lower than Monday’s.

Monday’s high temperature at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was 91 degrees, according to the National Weather Service of Seattle.

Tuesday’s high will be around 68 degrees, said meteorologist Dustin Guy.

The high temperatures Sunday and Monday — though nowhere near the record shattering 108 degrees we experienced last year — were caused by a thermal trough over the coast on Sunday and over Western Washington Monday, Guy said.

As the trough moved east of the Cascade Mountains overnight, it created a vacuum that sucked the cool marine air in from the coast, Guy said.


“It’s flooding into Puget Sound today,” he said.

Guy said we will start to see clouds increase later Tuesday and this evening and could see some scattered showers. Wednesday is expected to be cloudy with a slight a warm up forecast Thursday and Friday.

A wetter weather system is expected “right on schedule for the weekend,” he said. And once we get past July Fourth, things should be warming up again, he said.

Article Source: The Seattle Times