On-street parking rates are changing in Seattle. Here’s where

Changes to on-street parking rates throughout Seattle took effect Monday.

The seasonal adjustments are part of the Seattle Department of Transportation’s regular process and are based on “the latest real-world parking usage data and seasonal trends,” the city said in a blog post.

“As more people have been traveling as they return to work, shop, eat at restaurants, and go about other activities, traffic volumes and parking demand have also increased,” SDOT said. “Based on the latest data, this summer’s rates generally include more rate increases than earlier this year and during the pandemic.”

At 75% of all locations and times, the rate will be $2 per hour or less, the city said.

But in some areas of the Denny Triangle, rates will increase to $4 per hour.

The Denny Triangle increases are “based on very high demand there during the day,” the city said.

The morning rate in the downtown commercial core retail zone was lowered to 50 cents.

In total, the city made 48 adjustments. Most are in the afternoons and evenings. 

A full list of rate changes is available here.

Article Source: The Seattle Times