No bikes allowed anymore at Seattle’s Green Lake Park

If you’ve got wheels, keep them off the trail at Seattle’s Green Lake Park.

That’s the message that city officials are sending, again. A new rule banning bikes, rollerblades, scooters, and other wheeled-fun was originally put in place in response to the pandemic. That way, people could have more room to spread out while on a walk.

Now, the city’s parks department is extending the bike ban from the inner loop (that goes around the lake) for the next few months. Other wheels, such as rollerblades, roller skates, longboards, etc. are also nixed. Of course, strollers and wheelchairs are still allowed.

“We get a steady stream of people reporting near-collisions, or collisions, or just a feeling of unease with how much use there is on this path and how difficult it is for people to navigate it safely,” said Parks and Recreation Spokesperson Rachel Schulkin.

The “no wheels” policy will stay in place until at least June. Meanwhile, the parks department intents to complete designs for a new outer loop for bikes to travel. The proposed plan is to convert a section of Aurora Avenue into a stretch of bike lanes on the west side of the lake. Those bike lanes will eventually connect to a path along Green Lake Drive at the Northwest side.

If you’ve got opinions about the rule, you can submit comments via email to the parks department at [email protected] or [email protected]

According to a city survey of park patrons, and reporting from the Seattle Bike Blog, the majority of visitors either walk or run around the lake (85%). Only 9% of visitors ride bikes, and 3% use rollerblades and roller skates.

Article Source: KUOW