Maury Island Incident UFO Walking Tour – LIVE

Get ready for the “6/22 – Men in Black Birthday Bash,” and the 75th Anniversary of the Summer of the Saucers, with this free walking tour, hosted by Maury Island Incident writer Steve Edmiston and director Scott Schaefer.

In 1947, UFOs allegedly appeared over Puget Sound between Des Moines and Maury Island. This 1.2 mile round-trip walking tour will introduce you to the amazing tale of molten “slag” falling from a flying saucer over Harold Dahl’s flying saucers, the molten slag the fell from the sky and damaged his boat, injured his son and killed the family dog; the army-air force investigation that ended with the tragic crash of a B-25 bomber; the personal involvement of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover; the first-ever reported encounter with “men in black;” and the new dispute over whether Harold Dahl ever confessed to a hoax.

History, mystery, ufology, conspiracy, truth and tragedy twist together in the Maury Island Incident.

Join us and hear the story – live.

Your starting point – the Maury Island Incident Mural, located at the intersection of 6th Avenue South and South 223rd Street in Des Moines. On-street partking.

Article Source: Seattle Southside