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There is a Seattle beneath the surface that is just waiting to be discovered. It’s hidden, sometimes in plain sight, sometimes two flights up in the Market. It’s the best kept secrets, insider tips, secret menus and local favorites that make people love this city, even if you can never entirely know it.

We invited Seattle photographer, illustrator and designer Jordan Nicholson to share some of his favorite spots and insider tips with us. Tag along on his Seattle adventure and discover more at iknowaplace.org. Then be sure to share your own Seattle favorites by tagging #IKnowSeattle.

Seattle Best Tea

This is my favorite bubble tea spot! The classic black milk tea with tapioca is my go-to. Perfect flavor, great texture, and the staff are the nicest ever!

Original Philly’s

I’ve been coming to this spot since I was in middle school—it always hits the spot! Their Philly cheesesteaks are flavorful and big. Also, make sure to try the cheesesteak fries.

Hello Em

This is a newer place created by the family who also runs the legendary Pho Bac restaurants. I’ve only been a handful of times but it has already become a new favorite! The very popular iced egg coffee doesn’t disappoint. And if you get hungry, they also have a bunch of awesome banh mis and snacks!


Musang is a Filipino restaurant by the amazing chef (and also my friend), Melissa Miranda. Her takes on classic Filipino dishes are divine. It’s a must visit!

Jade Garden

Everybody loves dim sum, and this is the place to go if you need your dim sum fix. Legendary spot.

Lil Woody’s

I’ve actually been shooting photos for Lil Woody’s for the past 8 years. Nobody has tried more of their specials than me. And yet, all these years later, their burgers are still so good to me! Big fan of the Pendleton—their chicken sandwich—and also their black bean burger. The fries are killer too!

Thai Curry Simple

I feel like there are some folks who sleep on this place. It’s one of my favorites though! They have red curries, yellow curries, and green ones too. Just know whatever you get, it’ll be sure to make your tummy happy.

Pho Bac Sup Shop

You can’t talk about food in Seattle without talking about pho. You can’t talk about pho without talking about Pho Bac! It’s a staple in the community. If you’re looking to try pho in Seattle, this is the spot!

Tabletop Village

Pokemon cards have become extremely popular again in recent years; so if you’re looking to dive into that world, look no further than Tabletop! They’ll take good care of ya.

Paradice Avenue Souf

Paradice is a clothing store I run with a few friends! We all grew up in South Seattle and wanted to make a brand that pulled from our experiences growing up here. Come check us out! Best clothing brand of all time.

The Maxwell Hotel – A Staypineapple Hotel

The Maxwell Hotel was wonderful!! The bed was very comfy, the decor was super fun, and the location was absolutely perfect. Had all the food spots right next to it!

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