Steven Weissman

Hello, The Stranger. After reading many of your articles on your website, I just need to know: Who hurt Charles Mudede?

Charles, the current senior staff writer of

The Stranger, has not stopped writing articles about his hatred for cars and how they’re destroying our city every day. All I read from you, in article after article, is how much you hate cars. Why Charles? Why do you hate cars so much?

As a third-generation Seattlite, many of your articles seem to miss Seattle’s history. Like the fact we are a fucking port city. A huge chunk of Seattle’s economy is based on the port, plus all the trucks and people driving to support it. And look, I get you’re worried about safety, right? Well, then yell at the jaywalking pedestrians—I don’t want to hit them! Ask why the bike rider rode next to my car while I turned left—not in front or behind, but next to me. I don’t wanna hit him either!

Most of my low-income neighbors need cars to get to their jobs because the bus takes three times as long, at a minimum. Time IS money, ESPECIALLY when you’re poor. So how do you expect ANYONE to waste their most valuable resource (time) just because you don’t like cars? It’s BEYOND SELFISH. Why not have a war on the lack of public transportation that fucks us daily? Make that a reality for us so WE WANT to ride a bus.

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