I just moved to Seattle and changed my Next Door settings to reflect my move from DC. I was hoping to learn about local events, help people find their wandering pets, see cool pics from birdwatchers and treehuggers, much like the postings back home. I thought I’d see that here, but even better, with proper mountains and wildlife.

Come to start readin I moved into a war zone by the way yall write about this city! Yes, I am sure it has changed, as all cities do, but my goodness, you guys have way less crime, but are so much more anxious and SO ready to spew venom at city council people and each other on ANY post, even if it starts out about someone letting their dog poo in others’ yards.

Very cool that you’re all so passionate and informed about local politics, but stop acting like bougie neighborhoods with a car break-in are about to turn into Afghanistan because of how your neighbors *may* have voted. Geez. It’s a neighborhood app, would you go up to your neighbor and instantly go off like that!

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