How these 5 Seattle-area couples found true love in the great outdoors

There’s no other place like the Pacific Northwest outdoors lands, with the beauty of the water, mountains, and a community that truly appreciates and protects it. A love for the outdoors is something that draws people to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in general. The hiking scene is a big deal. (If you don’t believe that — head to any trail off of I-90 in the summertime and see for yourself.) So the challenge is to find a place to get away from the city and to not be surrounded by everyone else from the city. 

Meanwhile, the dating scene in Seattle is also a big deal. If you don’t believe that — talk to any single person in Seattle and ask them how their dating life is going. (Pro-tip: don’t). The challenge with dating is to find a person who shares your core values, respects you, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

So for these formerly single outdoors enthusiasts, it made sense to combine outdoors and dating. Having a community can be a great way to start a relationship. And with the outdoors community being so prevalent in the area, it’s no surprise that some successful dating communities have come out of people’s outdoors adventure tales. 


“We met working for the Forest Service. He had just gotten out of the military and was working a [fire season] at the district where his parents live. I was working in recreation. He came to the campfire programs I was leading [dressed] as Smokey Bear and I’d walk him around the campground to meet the kids. It progressed from there, and now we are married with three dogs and a baby on the way. We have moved all around the country together in pursuit of various jobs/adventures!”

Josh and Kelsey

“A friend of mine scored an Enchantments permit in the summer of 2018. She was able to bring seven people with her, including me, but we had one open slot. A member of our group asked if he could bring his friend, Rob, but he’d be trying to catch up with us the day after we started our hike since he couldn’t get the first day off work. I first met Rob when he was literally walking across a waterfall between Upper and Lower Snow Lakes and we had an instant connection. We had a pretty epic “first date” that basically lasted three days in The Enchantments, and have been going on hiking adventures ever since. We got married [in May 2021], overlooking the very place we first met, in a small ceremony surrounded by all the people who were there when we first met in the woods.”

Mindy and Rob

“We both signed up to go for a rock climbing weekend in Mazama on He offered to carpool and everyone else bailed. So we got to know each other and became great climbing partners. A couple months later he kissed me after we climbed First Kiss at Smith and the rest as they say is history. We’ve been married for seven years now and have a little climber who’s 5 years old.” 

Lidia and Jared

“We met in an eight-week beginner climbing education program with The Mazamas. He was an assistant in the course and I was a student. We bonded pretty quickly and spent the summer climbing together and began dating. Five years later, we now volunteer as instructors for courses with The Mazamas together.”

Megan and Andy

“We worked as foresters together for five years, bushwhacking through countless numb-extremity sufferfests in cold rain, snow and ice, in thick brush and steep slopes and yellow jacket nests, and even fought wildfires together. For a long time, it wouldn’t have been possible for us to be together for multiple reasons. However, things changed in life, and one day he asked me if I would like to climb and ski/snowboard Mount Adams with him and I agreed. This was only my second time backcountry snowboarding and my first time ever wearing crampons… I was a bit terrified. We did it though, had an amazing time, and that was our super intense first date. We’ve been together since then, a little over three years now, and so incredibly happy.” 


Article Source: The Seattle Times