GLITTERBOMB! Supernova brings a pool of glitter to the dancefloor

Supernova surprises its patrons with another extravagant party! The immersive arts and entertainment venue is taking its vocation to the letter, filling a kiddie pool with 50lbs of glitter and covering the club in “sparkling fairy dust”.
A messy endeavor that is not bothering the club’s creator for the least. “We’re not afraid of a little mess,” says Zac Levine. “I opened Supernova with the goal of pushing the boundaries of nightlife entertainment and I fully intend to make each weekend unique. What is a pool of glitter when we already have confetti cannons, smoke, fog, bubble and snow machines!”
Supernova always encourages patrons to dress to express. For newcomers, glitter can be seen as an opportunity to engage in the event, with or without a party wardrobe.
“Glitter is fantastic because it enhances the experience. It gives everybody the opportunity to go above and beyond and to become a part of the art installation. Not just to attend the party, but to become the party” says Zac Levine.


Friday programming at Supernova always includes Drag performances in a non-traditional setting.
This Friday, local Queens Monday Mourning, Moltyn Decadence, Rowan Ruthless and special guest Silhouette from Portland will be performing on stage. Patrons can also expect costumed Go-Gos, and DJs that keep the dance floor moving with vocal house dance party anthems and the occasional current hit.

About Supernova
Supernova is a new, immersive arts and entertainment venue unlike anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest. The venue focuses on enhancing the dance club experience through highly curated customer service and immersive programming. In addition to DJs, Supernova incorporates Drag Queens, acrobats, Go-Go and roller skate dancers, character actors, aerialists, and live musicians into every event. Since the club opened its doors in June of 2021, Supernova has become a destination entertainment venue for diverse communities, producing 200+ events as a home for the BIPOC / LGBTQIA+ and female / femme community of Seattle. Supernova’s ambition is to give patrons the freedom to be themselves, and party within a safe, fun and friendly space.

Article Source: Seattle Southside