Fruit Bowl at Supernova!

Forbidden Fruits Runway Categories:

Ready-to-Wear: Victoria’s Secret Garden – 7 Contestants will strut right out of Eden as ‘fallen angels’ in a self styled lingerie look. Contestants must as well play Icarus and construct a pair of wings of their musing to match.

Couture: Nude Allusion – 7contestants are on a creative streak and it doesn’t stop there! From Adam to Eve, contestants must serve their best birthday suits: a look that captures an iconic reference to nudity throughout pop culture, myth or history.”

Redemption Runway (open to audience): Come dressed in your meanest & green look for a catwalk walk-off and the chance to win a $100 gift certificate to NYXchange. The best dressed look on the Redemption Runway will allow an eliminated contestant to rejoin the competition or for an audience member to save one of two freshly cut fruits(contestants).

Article Source: Seattle Southside