Fresh Bucks Welcomes HT Oaktree Market as New Retail Partner

Fresh Bucks is excited to welcome HT Oaktree Market, located in Seattle’s Licton Springs neighborhood, as our newest Fresh Bucks retail partner. HT Oaktree is open seven days a week from 9 am – 8 pm and is located at 10008 Aurora Ave N.

Nearly 12,000 households enrolled in the Fresh Bucks program receive $40 a month to purchase fruits and vegetables at participating farmers markets, farm stands, and grocery stores. Customers can shop at farmers markets, six small grocers, and all Seattle Safeway locations. At independently-owned grocers like HT Oaktree, customers can shop for frozen, canned, and dried fruits and vegetables (without added fat, salt, or sugar) in addition to fresh produce.

Owners Mike Kee and Debbie Che are ready to welcome Fresh Bucks customers to their store. “We cater to the diverse communities in North Seattle and HT Oaktree is stocked with foods that are not commonly found in other grocery stores in the area,” said Mike Kee. “Here you can find Hawaiian yams, Chinese winter gourd, and nance along with a wide variety of canned and frozen fruits and vegetables.”

HT Oaktree also has grocery aisles devoted to Latino foods, Asian foods, Halal foods and European foods in addition to specialized produce.

Robyn Kumar, Fresh Bucks Program Manager, has been looking forward to the addition of HT Oaktree, “It has long been a priority to expand the Fresh Bucks retail network to increase options for culturally relevant produce. Throughout the coming year, Fresh Bucks will announce additional new retailers, where customers can redeem their Fresh Bucks benefits, including large supermarkets, small independent stores, BIPOC-owned grocers, and additional grocers that offer culturally-relevant produce items.”

Fresh Bucks customers now have the convenience of paying for their fruit and vegetable purchase with their Fresh Bucks Card or app. This new redemption model reduces the stigma customers may experience using paper vouchers at checkout. Customers can use their Fresh Bucks Card or the app linked to their account to purchase fruits and vegetables at all participating Fresh Bucks retailers. The new system also provides real-time transaction reporting and retailer reimbursement within two business days, reducing challenges for small grocers, farmers, and other businesses who accept Fresh Bucks.

Fresh Bucks is funded by Seattle’s Sweetened Beverage Tax and General Fund and operated by Seattle’s Office of Sustainability and Environment.

For questions or to learn more about Fresh Bucks, visit or reach us at [email protected] or 206-684-2489.

Article Source: News from City of Seattle