Coast Salish art piece will welcome visitors to the New Burke

The art piece will welcome visitors to the New Burke in the tradition of the Native peoples of Puget Sound. It will be installed in the lower lobby of the new facility—a soaring, two-story windowed space facing 15th Ave NE and NE 43rd St.

“Our approach bridges the cultural diversity of the Northwest Coast. While our team is deeply versed in traditional knowledge and skills, each artist has applied these traditions to historic and contemporary mediums alike. Our team embraces a contemporary, architecturally integrated design approach rooted in a deep knowledge of traditional techniques,” said the artists.

An eight-person selection committee, which included Burke Museum staff and curators and four cultural advisers from Western and Eastern Washington, reviewed proposals from 30 artists and conducted interviews with artists representing four finalist proposals.

The committee sought proposals that extended a Salish welcome to visitors and fit within the architectural and environmental criteria of the south-facing, natural-light lobby, from artists with demonstrated experience and ability to create and install a large public artwork. Before producing final proposals, all four finalists visited the Burke Museum and had the opportunity to discuss the project as well as explore the museum’s collections for inspiration.

Article Source: Burke Museum