Challenging perceptions: Portrait of a researcher

This quarter, Holly asked each student to represent themselves as researchers on their own terms, an exercise designed to challenge preconceived biases about their academic contributions. They each created a “Portrait of a Researcher” poster, choosing a location and object within the Burke collection that they felt represented their research and would challenge other representations of themselves.

“They often get represented in ways that are out of their control,” said Holly, “this ‘Portrait of a Researcher’ project is a way for them to take that control back.”

They were asked questions about their research and the legacy they want to have as leaders—as people who inspire youth and others in the community—particularly for a group of students they mentored this quarter at Foster High School. “I wish everyone had an opportunity to see these students at work,” said Holly, “they’re smart, inquisitive, motivated, and most of all they’re deeply committed to supporting one another.”

Article Source: Burke Museum