Burke Museum Executive Director Dr. Julie K. Stein to Retire

Perhaps the most remarkable impact of Dr. Stein’s extensive career is the manifestation of the New Burke. Since becoming the Executive Director, she embarked on building a flagship museum of natural history and culture for the Northwest. It came to life in 2019 and is truly unlike any other museum by breaking down traditional museum barriers and inviting visitors to be part of a working museum through its visible collections, labs, and workrooms. Her remarkable achievement has inspired other museums to embrace the Burke’s “inside-out” model as they plan their own new buildings and updates.

“Every single decision that was made to build the New Burke was done with focus on flexibility for the future,” Dr. Stein said. “It was built so the space could adapt to the changing needs of our collections and exhibits. I can certainly attest that I’ll be retiring after a fulfilling career. And I’m confident that our next Executive Director will continue to build on this strong foundation, to advance the growing need for digital capabilities, to chart the course for the future, and to uphold the Burke’s mission to care for and share natural and cultural collections so all people can learn, be inspired, generate knowledge, feel joy, and heal.”

Article Source: Burke Museum