Burke-ing with Pride

During my time here at the Burke Museum, I have been grappling with the concept of joy and celebration as an act of resistance and healing. The pursuit of joy lives in our mission, “…to care for and share natural and cultural collections so all people can learn, be inspired, generate knowledge, feel joy, and heal.” It also bubbles up in the intentional healing work we do within the museum and with our communities. In a broader context, we are all pressured by a culture that asks us to continually do better, to do more with less, to do it all faster, and to do this without making waves. Amidst this barrage of messaging, it can be easy to forget to celebrate—our accomplishments, the gift of community, and even our endlessly complex identities. When our identities are in any way marginalized it goes beyond forgetfulness, but rather it can feel like there is an unwritten (or sometimes explicit) message, “keep your head down, get the work done, this space and joy is not meant for you.”  But this year I am choosing to celebrate. I celebrate being a part of the lbgtq+ community. I celebrate the love and belonging I have found. I celebrate the joy that is found in being true to ourselves despite and because of the obstacles and roadblocks along the way. I celebrate the messiness of healing and recovery. I feel pride for the bravery it takes to truly be ourselves. I feel hope for a future where being yourself is as easy as breathing air.

I hope you will celebrate with us.

Article Source: Burke Museum