Bosco brings villain drag from Seattle to ‘Drag Race’

As the 14th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race launches on VH1, audiences will get a chance to see Seattle’s own Bosco compete against America’s top queens.

Villain costumes. Weed jokes. Sex-positivity. Bosco is repping it all in her debut on Drag Race (Friday, Jan. 7, 2022) a show seen as the national stage for drag performers.

Let’s get to know the queen

Zipped up in a decorated corset, or in a barely-there vinyl bodysuit, are classic looks for Bosco: Demon Queen of Seattle. She’s funny, edgy, and happy to bare it all.

“Well I wanted to be a stripper but they didn’t really, like, want me there, so I found my own avenue, my own lane to strip.”

Bosco embodies confidence, horror and usually partial nudity, with the sharp eyebrows characteristic of a villain.

“I’ve just always been obsessed with the villain”, she says over a Zoom interview. “They always have the best music, they always have the coolest costumes. I’ve always been a fan of horror and the monster is always my favorite part of the horror movie, so I just wanted to take all of that and roll that into the drag character.”

In the premiere, she tells the world, “I am the skanky alternative girl from Seattle.” She’s been waiting nearly 8 months for this moment (she was accepted in May 2021), and says entering the limelight has been a mostly uplifting experience.

Though she did tell KING 5, “it feels like I took an edible in May and it’s just starting to hit.”

caption: Bosco about to do a wardrobe reveal at Queer Bar, October 16, 2021

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Bosco is from Seattle, though grew up in Great Falls, Montana. She stands apart from other Seattle queens who’ve made it to Drag Race, a roster than includes BenDeLaCreme, Jinkx Monsoon , Robbie Turner and Magnolia Crawford. Their tendency toward campiness, congeniality and theater put a certain reputation on Seattle drag from a national lens.

BenDeLaCreme is a famously the “terminally delightful” Miss Congeniality who had huge success (and a stunning exit) on the show. Season five winner Jinkx calls herself “Seattle’s premier Jewish narcoleptic drag queen.”

So when Bosco met her fellow competitors on the show this year, “they were not expecting the kind of drag that I do.”

Ben, Jinkx and Robbie, she says, “have a very specific vision that really cemented an idea of Seattle drag … but I think after seeing me they understand a lot more about what kind of drag is in Seattle.”

That kind of drag includes elements of grunge, punk, horror, and drag that permeates the city’s art scene (and has very little of the pageantry popular in the south).

Self proclaimed “demon queen of Seattle”

Out of drag, Bosco (Chris Constantino) has long, bouncy curls and big smile. When Bosco’s in character though, it’s demon inspired, kink-positive looks. She says she can sew but “hates it,” so she had some local seamstress help for her wardrobe.

caption: Fans eagerly tip and cheer for Bosco while she performs at Queer Bar, October 16th, 2021

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The light blue gown she wore in the show’s premiere was made by Seattle designer Jordan Christianson.

“It’s completely open in the back for ribbon corseting, and they didn’t show it in the picture (which is a bummer) but my entire a** is basically out, covered in ribbons in that gown. And I knew I wanted to do that … but I did not have the technical shops to do that, so for that one I had Jordan Christianson, who is an incredible designer.”

In another subtle nod to Seattle, her entrance look is a dress from Nordstrom Rack that she made accessories for.

Queen Irene Dubois also turns heads in Seattle. She’s a big-haired alien and hosts a weekly show with Bosco, The Mothership, each Thursday at Queer Bar.

And they’re both ready for the world to see another side of Seattle drag.

Quick Q/A with Bosco

Go-to lip sync song: “Glory Box” by Portishead

Inspiration to go on Drag Race: “The first time I ever saw Drag Race I was still living in Montana and it was the lip-sync between Dida Ritz and The Princess. I don’t know what it was about that particular moment but it just sent shock waves through me of, ‘Oh, whatever that is I need to be doing that eventually.'”

Is RuPaul more or less intimidating in person: 10 times more intimidating

Go-to coffee order: Americano or Italiano (she was a Seattle barista for six years)

Thoughts on Bosco chocolate sauce: She’s received it as a tip a few times! And she keeps one of the bottles in her fridge, “probably because I’m sentimental.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14 premieres on VH1 January 7, 2022.

Article Source: KUOW