Biden Talks Guns, a Black-Owned Brewery to Open in the CD, the Swedes Won’t Feed You

Biden goes on primetime: Speaking from Cross Hall, today the President gave a speech urging Congress to do fucking something and pass new gun restriction laws, according to CNN. Specifically, he called on the legislative body to reinstate the assault weapon ban that expired in 2004. He also called the GOP’s twiddling on the issue “unconscionable.” He went on to advocate for the repeal of liability protections for gun manufacturers following mass shootings. None of these calls go far enough. I agree with my colleagues on the fact that we must melt every single gun in this country if we’re ever going to get anything done. Until that happens, we haven’t done what needs doing. Watch Biden’s full address here:

Meanwhile, in Tulsa: The city is still reeling from yesterday’s mass shooting at a medical office, where a gunman killed four people and then himself. Local police say that 45-year-old Michael Louis of Muskogee specifically targeted his surgeon, Dr. Preston Phillips, after his back pain continued despite a recent operation, reports AP. Louis bought the AR-style rifle only hours before he shot up the office. 

In better news: Métier Brewing Company will soft open their new taproom on E Cherry this week. According to Capitol Hill Seattle Blawg, the Central District taproom is one of the few Black-owned breweries in the nation. Hoorah! Rodney Hines’s 2,000-square-foot joint will also feature an okazu pan cafe from Umami Kushi’s Harold Fields, with offerings “developed with MBC beer in mind.” I’ll drink to that!

Will someone check if Larry the Lobster is available? There’s a lifeguard shortage in western Washington, which means that some beaches could be closed come summer. Seattle Parks and Recreation has 200 lifeguards on staff and is looking for 200 more in the next several weeks, reports KING 5. Training and certification is free if you’re interested and want to be a summer hero!

A rose by any other name, etc.: The country straddling the Asian and European continents will now be known as Türkiye—at least in the United Nations. This move is part of a national rebranding campaign that started back in December to replace its Anglicized name with its internal one (pronounced “tur-key-YAY”) that it adopted after becoming independent in 1923. 

Sound Transit has chosen a new CEO nominee: But the agency is remaining mum on the identity of that candidate, fearing that transparency “would cause problems … before that person had been contacted to accept the job.” Love a little mystery. 

Speaking of Sound Transit: The agency warned riders to gird themselves for more infrequent light rail service starting on July 11. Crews need to take care of and build on light rail operations. More from KING 5:

“Besides expanding light rail operations, Sound Transit plans on prioritizing rail and station maintenance. This includes replacing the tiles at the Columbia City Station, replacing nearly all escalators and elevators in the system, and repairing rails for a smoother ride with fewer delays.”

In Tuesday’s Slog AM, I asked for pictures of Green Lake’s new floating wetlands: And y’all delivered! I got several enthusiastic responses from people involved in Saturday’s wetland launch. Here are some of the pictures sent my way: 

Friends of Green Lake readying a wetland for push off | Courtesy of Alicia Kellogg
Kai Yuen spotted the wetlands on a run! They are farther back towards the horizon | Courtesy of Kai Yuen

If you care: The United Kingdom is currently celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Those’re unionizin’ words: In a blog post, Microsoft President and Vice Chair Brad Smith wrote—completely unprompted, btw—that the company recognizes their workers’ right to a union, but it believes they “will never need to organize,” reports the Seattle Times. Interesting! A Microsoft representative told the Times that it’s not aware of any current labor activity at the company. However, the paper notes that Microsoft will inherit unionized workers once its Activision Blizzard acquisition becomes official. The suits are scared! 

We’re in our fourth-biggest COVID surge: And some experts think that our official case counts could be “undercounted by a factor of 30,” reports The Guardian. This is based on a paper—which hasn’t been peer-reviewed or published—that found that 22% of New Yorkers “likely had Covid between 23 April and 8 May.” Meaning, in a two-week period around 1.5 million adults had the virus—much higher than official counts. 

Justice for Stormy: Lawyer Michael Avenatti has been sentenced to four years in prison for stealing close to $300,000 from his former client, Stormy Daniels, reports CNN. Currently, Avenatti’s in the clink on a 30-month sentence for trying to extort $20 million from Nike. The nerve.

I love this Swedish controversy: If you were on the internet this week at all, you may have seen a viral Reddit post explaining that Swedish people don’t feed their house guests. Amanda Holpuch at the New York Times attempts to explain the frigid hospitality traditions that got Sweden seriously dunked on over the past several days. 

For your listening pleasure: Megan Thee Stallion’s “Plan B.” Megan in Mugler is embodied divinity.  

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