B-29 Doc History Restored Tour

Fly through the skies in B-29 Doc, a rare World War II bomber!

Doc, one of only two World War II B-29 bombers still flying, will be based at the Museum May 19-22, 2022 for rides and ground tours. This will be the first time the Wichita-based Superfortress has been to The Museum of Flight. The visit is part of the B-29 Doc History Restored Tour.

Each B-29 Doc Flight Experience will last approximately 90 minutes and include a 30-minute ride. Prior to takeoff, passengers will experience a crew briefing and learn more about the history of the B-29 and role it played in U.S. history. Passengers will also get to hear and see the sights and sounds of engine starts and run-ups prior to takeoff.

Article Source: Seattle Southside