Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grants $1 million to support collaborative conservation

The project will bring together staff expertise around common problems and solutions; however, the scope of the grant extends beyond conservation of materials alone. Through internships and increased outreach to students, the program seeks to attract a broad student demographic to the field of conservation and to advance efforts to make collections more available for teaching, research and exhibition.

“In addition to objects, archival collections such as photographs, manuscripts and maps are essential in understanding the world around us and provide a deeper level of understanding of the objects cared for by museums like the Burke,” Burke Museum Executive Director Dr. Julie K. Stein said. “We are honored to collaborate on not only the preservation of these important collections, but also in training new professionals in the field.”

The grant will also provide support for outreach and education, enabling staff to participate in other Mellon-funded initiatives and to host workshops, classes, and other professional development opportunities.


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Article Source: Burke Museum