A one-of-a-kind shell collection

At first glance, the collection reflects an impressive lifetime passion for the beauty and science of shells. From a detailed research perspective, the collection represents the spectacular diversity of molluscs, including snails, clams, nautiluses, chitons, and tusk shells – with an estimated 100,000 specimens and 24,000 species. While many of these specimens were collected in the Pacific Northwest, the majority originated in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and the Indo-Pacific region, especially Hawaii.

Over the next few years, the shells will be sorted, catalogued, and incorporated into the Burke Malacology Collection. Of particular value is the remarkable amount of scientific data associated with the specimens. More than 25,000 shells come with collection event data, including locations, dates, and other information. Such data allows scientists and the public to learn more about these animals and their environments.

Article Source: Burke Museum